Evolution is not an option

In order to thrive, the print industry has to offload its historical baggage; it has to transform itself by integrating new digital communication channels and content management services.

This is a major challenge to the status quo, to the business models and skill sets of printers and suppliers and to the communication habits of many customers and brands. Sadly, many will not be willing or able to adapt to this new environment and changing landscape.

But from this new order, tremendous business opportunities and partnerships will emerge linking the creative, IT, cross-media and print communities. It is within this new world that Printfuture connects the dots to help define and realise the new business of print.

Our mission

At Printfuture, we have a clear, three-part mission:

  • To leverage the importance and value of print in a multi-channel world
  • To build relationships so printers understand how suppliers can help them develop as marketing, publishing or packaging service providers
  • To engage and educate the end users of print

Our value proposition

Our value proposition is simple:

  • We are the only resource that connects the printer, supplier and creative communities with a common goal
  • We only provide information, services and products that add value, are relevant, and advance the integration of print with digital media channels
  • Our unparalleled industry experience, practical knowledge, technical expertise and global network of partners create value for our clients

Why we’re different

The Printfuture approach is different for five reasons:

  • Our team, the Print Tribe, is the best in the business
  • We understand SME print owners and their business better than anyone else
  • We provide compelling content that connects with printers
  • Our products and services add value for both suppliers and printers
  • We help printers and suppliers make the most of print in today’s multichannel world