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Pixfizz, a cloud-based white-label solution enabling brands to create and sell photographic products via customised online storefronts, has launched at Photokina. A responsive Pixfizz Editor that runs on smartphones, complementing already supported tablets, laptops, and desktops. Customers will be able to expand their business opportunites by accessing the ever-increasing usage of smartphones and the digital photographs taken with them.

The Pixfizz Cloud-to-Print™ Editor is built in HTML5 and runs on almost any modern web browser or can be embeded within a native app with an ‘in app browser’, thereby optimising user experience. With over a third of inbound visits on photo storefronts coming directly from email and from marketing on smartphones, it is critical to provide both ‘in app’ and ‘in browser’ support to create a seamless user experience. The new responsive capability automatically adapts the Pixfizz Editor’s size and creative functionality to the device being used. This functionality now extends to iOS and Android smartphones.

The increased flexibility and enhanced user experience dramatically increases the market potential and business opportuniies for Pixfizz customers to sell more photographic products online. It also allows for a more integrated brand experience, critical to reaching a younger demographic audience.

The Pixfizz Editor supports native integrations with Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox allowing users to pull photos from their online accounts directly from their smartphones. With the Pixfizz Local Uploader, images are imported directly from the browser to quickly view them in the Editor to design and create the product without the need to first wait for long uploads. An extensive API is provided that enables the solution to be expanded to any other third party image storage services as needed.

“The earlier you can capture an end-user into your sales process, for example when they are taking the photos on their mobile device, and the quicker you can make a user interact with a customised product, the better. As speed is critical, we must ensure the user experience is simple, fast, fun and responsive,” according to Alexander de Boissezon, VP Marketing. “This in turn increases conversion rates and repeat orders which is obviously good for our customers’ business.”

About Pixfizz Cloud-to-Print™

The innovative provider of a cloud-based PaaS (Platform as a Service), white label solution enabling companies and brands to create and sell high value photographic products via customised online storefronts. Pixfizz hosts and manages all servers, software, updates, administration, capacity planning, backups and security. For more information:

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