Being uncomfortable in the middle ground

The traditional market adoption bell curve puts the small number of entrepreneurs and innovators – “the build it and they will come” believers to the left and the laggards who will not change even if their lives depended on the right. These are the 8% of print companies who declared themselves incapable of transforming their business in a recent survey. Then there are the masses in the middle who, will only change when an idea or a technology is proven, cheap and widely adopted – the “show me the money” community. Problem is at this point the market has already become commoditised and there is very little competitive advantage left.

As a society we are becoming more in tune with the latest trends and technology developments and comfortable with managing our lives at the fringes of new media and content platforms. However it appears that in a business context most opt for the safer option to be found in the anonymity of the masses. Print providers have to become more receptive to inhabiting the ground to the left where life is more uncertain and risky but ultimately more challenging, rewarding and profitable. This is where success will be found in the future.


Neil Falconer – Print Tribe

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