Printfuture making a difference with GPS Programme


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After working successfully in Singapore for the last three years, Printfuture have launched their GPS Programme aimed at helping commercial printers achieve growth and improved bottom line results. Work is already underway with one company who are starting to achieve great results. We are already in discussions with other companies waiting to get on board. GPS is also being used to great effect with companies in Europe.


Introduction to GPS

The Printfuture Printers GPS Programme gives printers a set of blueprints that results in increased sales, reduced costs, greater productivity and higher profits. Each set of blueprints comes with the consultancy support and tools required for the average SME printer to implement successfully. They are easy to understand and designed to be simple, practical and highly effective based on proven best practice. The GPS modules will help printers successfully pave the way to introducing new digital services. All our client has to do is follow the steps, take the actions and get the results



Printers GPS contains a series of Business Modules each one having its own set of blueprints, which are proven to help solve the problems printers have when it comes to improving productivity, reducing cost and increasing sales by adding new services. The Modules are focused on key strategic and operational areas, which combine to bring about a total business transformation.


Operational Improvement

Strategy and Business Planning

Marketing and Branding

Increasing Sales


Each of the modules is supported by 5 days of intensive 1-1 consultancy on site to help with business analysis, implementation and review.

During the implementation of each module’s blueprints there are scheduled 1-1 remote mentoring sessions to help keep things on track.

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