Printfuture secure contract with PROKOM

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Printfuture are delighted to announce that they have secured a contract with PROKOM, Konica Minolta’s user community. Neil Falconer Managing Director of Printfuture signed the contract with Indy Nakagawa CEO of Konica Minolta Europe at the recent PROKOM annual conference in Vienna. Printfuture will help manage the content and e-learning programme for PROKOM as well as providing management support and advice for Konica Minolta and the independent PROKOM Board made up of Konica Minolta customers.

PROKOM is a member organisation of Konica Minolta users run by the members for the members, its aim is to build an environment for business transformation and grow a global community of profitable businesses through education, networking and shared experience.

In a 24/7 online world, the future of print is evolving and becoming increasingly challenging. PROKOM helps its members by supporting them with key information, business tools, strategic direction and the practical help they need. PROKOM is passionate about improving its members’ businesses. The hands-on approach involves continuous development, constant feedback and knowledge sharing. PROKOM sees its members as their greatest asset and is dedicated to investing in their future, in the most effective ways possible.

The Three PROKOM Fundamentals

Print needs to be professional, productive & profitable, which is why everything PROKOM does is geared towards achieving these essential criteria by delivering:

- Practical support provided by Konica Minolta and industry experts

- Operational improvement blueprints

- Sales and growth strategies

- Business transformation solutions

- Networking events and special interest groups

- 1-1 consultancy modules for fast track implementation

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