SAi New Subscription Initiative

New Subscription Initiative for SAi’s Flexi and Flexi Design Software Offers Users Improved Flexibility and Cost Management

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SA International (SAi), the leading provider of solutions for the professional signmaking, wide-format digital printing and CNC machining industries, has announced the availability of its industry-acclaimed Flexi software via monthly subscription and cloud-based downloads.


SAi’s popular print and sign making software, Flexi, offers a design, RIP and print-to-cut workflow while Flexi Design includes all design-only Flexi features and is ideal for use on design stations. Full versions of the software packages are offered separately and can now be acquired by monthly subscriptions and downloaded from the cloud. Subscribing to software presents new advantages in terms of cost control, while also ensuring customers always benefit from having the latest updates. Subscribers also benefit from the Cloud window that links locally-installed software to the Cloud to enable file storage, image sourcing and other web-based services. The SAi Cloud mobile app enables on-the-move Job Report viewing, and works with Android and iPhone devices.


Each software package is available in more than a dozen languages through SAi resellers worldwide and comprises all tools, features and add-ons, as well as full support. Subscriptions are available on a yearly or monthly basis, with yearly subscribers enjoying a discounted rate. Once installed, the software packages will update themselves for as long as the subscriptions are maintained.


“As well as the advantage of knowing that you’re using the latest versions of SAi’s software, our new subscription-based software options allow customers to eliminate a major capital investment and incur a low operational cost,” said Mark Blundell, CEO, SAi. “This initiative will enable a broader base of companies to utilize the benefits of Flexi and Flexi Design software to streamline their production and offer increased quality signage to their customers.


Used around the world, Flexi software delivers design and production tools to meet customer demands quickly and easily. The software, which can drive up to five printers simultaneously, provides a complete client-server RIP solution package with multiple queues, job tiling and nesting, and color profiling. Files can be sent to remote SAi Flexi Production Manager, PhotoPRINT or other RIP software including Onyx, RasterLink and VersaWorks.


Flexi also includes design tools tailored for quick print and sign making using a fast-to-learn interface that integrates with high-production RIPs and print, contour cutting and vinyl cutting tools. With thousands of supported cutters, printers and hybrids, Flexi offers the easiest print-and-cut workflow in the market.


“The availability of Flexi and Flexi Design on a subscription basis can transform companies that take advantage of this way of using the software,” concluded Mark Blundell. “By managing costs, increasing production versatility and keeping up with the latest versions for optimum effectiveness, companies can increase their competitiveness in challenging business conditions.”


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