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Do we Push or do we Pull?

  The traditional print buyers job title seems to have been  cast aside for new and more elaborate titles and this got me to think “Just who is our target audience, and do we know who to contact when making outbound sales calls anymore? After a recent event I was able to assess the complete […]

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Fourth drupa Global Trend Report by Printfuture published early in 2017

Between 2014 and 2017, drupa are carrying out a series of global surveys for the international print industry to research how print may best adapt to the huge and fundamental changes that are taking place in the communications market. These reports will provide a means to detect and assess trends and market potential, themes and […]

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Are you struggling to get your point across?

Just the other day I was engaged in a deep conversation with a senior Marketing Director of a major wholesaler/distributor. The opportunity covered several disciplines from Web 2 Print, Point of Sale, Digital Cross Media, Asset Management, Augmented Reality, and Data Management……blimey, what complexity I hear you say, but they all had a relevant place […]

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How Print providers can save Marketers billions of pounds

In the print industry it is fair to say we all love print and are great advocates for producing the printed page over distribution of electronic media. The problem is we’re not very good at selling the benefits; sales pitches always tend to get a bit defensive, wooly and abstract. The fact is UK marketers […]

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Being uncomfortable in the middle ground

The traditional market adoption bell curve puts the small number of entrepreneurs and innovators – “the build it and they will come” believers to the left and the laggards who will not change even if their lives depended on the right. These are the 8% of print companies who declared themselves incapable of transforming their […]

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You get what you focus on

    You get what you focus on ……..if you focus on nothing you get nothing If you focus obsessively on new sales you will attract the wrong customers If you focus on share price, short term thinking will compromise your ability to make the right decision If you focus on technology over customer destinations […]

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