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Fundamentals of Key Account Management

Introduction: All B2B and B2C customer propositions require a strategic planning approach that addresses the customer desire for a best in class offer. With regard to managing a significant B2B customer often across an International platform, the need to combine the product and service propositions is increased significantly. The strategic management of any offer will […]

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There’s nothing worse than Indifference

I’m on a flight to the far east and quite frankly what a thoroughly miserable experience, forget the fact that there is no room to even open my net book, which I specifically bought for its size and weight compared to a laptop. Forget the fact that the inconsiderate woman in front has her seat […]

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It’s easy being the CEO

In virtually every print business I go into there is one common denominator and that is the Management team, it is either the strength or the weakness of the business, sad to say, but more often than not its the weakness. The common thread is that too many managers specifically those with director in the […]

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Follow The Leader

Strong leadership and trust are the most vital ingredients in successful companies and the best workplace environments. Sounds very straightforward, but it is amazing how many times either one or both of these ingredients are completely lacking especially in SME print businesses which are predominantly family owned or devoid of formal management training and coaching. […]

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The Geeks at the end of the room

I have been working with a client over the last few weeks and in particular their technical department who are focused on web to print builds, coding and all of those good things….or as described to me by someone else in the business, “the bunch of geeks who hang out in the office at the […]

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Sieze The Day

Why are you finding it hard to increase sales? Do you feel undervalued by your customers? Are you just an interchangeable supplier competing on price?……..the answer is usually yes to some degree or another for all print companies and suppliers. The big question is ” where are you looking for opportunity” and it is about […]

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