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CHILI publish announced that the company has concluded a successful exhibition at drupa 2016. Over the course of the eleven-day event, CHILI publish conducted demonstrations of the latest version of the CHILI publisher online editor and the new CHILI rendro solution to crowds that packed the stand. The high number of demonstrations conducted by CHILI publish, combined with the enthusiastic reception from drupa attendees, and led to significant sales and acclaim from industry leaders for both of the CHILI publish solutions.

Kevin Goeminne, CHILI publish CEO, says, “Once again, we came to drupa with new, innovative solutions and once again we were delighted by the way these solutions were received by drupa attendees. Brand owners, printers and packaging providers all saw the impact that the new features of CHILI publisher would have on their operations. The response to our new PDF rendering solution was just as positive, with a higher number of customers pre-ordering the solution than even we expected. We are proud to play a leadership role in this community and for the way our solutions can positively impact the businesses of our new customers.”

An expanding global customer base

At drupa, CHILI publish expanded its global customer base, signing new customers for the CHILI publisher online editing solution.

These new customers include Auckland, New Zealand based Design Print Partners, a leading full-service agency that provides a range of marketing services, including design, marketing logistics, digital business solutions and event management. Design Print Partners services Australasia’s leading brands.

Alan Dixon is CEO of Workflowz, the CHILI publisher distributor who coordinated the sale. He notes, “It is exciting to close this sale at drupa and to welcome another company to the growing CHILI publish family. It will be even more exciting to see the impact CHILI publisher’s document editing and visualisation capabilities will have when integrated into the solutions of this market leader.”

Large format printer and visual content provider 3motion also signed a deal with CHILI publish at drupa. The company, based in Belgium, choose CHILI publisher for the way the software could automate their large format processes.

Wouter Mouton, General Manager of 3motion says, “Using CHILI publish software means we are better able to distinguish ourselves from the traditional large-format producers. We can offer concepts that are easy for our customers to customize and order. That would not be possible with the process automation and 3D viewing capabilities of CHILI publish.”

In addition to these customers, CHILI publish also signed deals with a major European online printer, as well as multiple major package printers located throughout Europe. Reflecting CHILI publish’s expansion in Asia, a new major printer located in Indonesia also signed an agreement with CHILI publish. More over, printers from across Asia have expressed interest in CHILI publish solutions, and more new sales from this region are expected in the near future.

A strong debut of CHILI rendro

drupa 2016 also marked the debut of CHILI rendro, the new PDF rendering software from CHILI publish. Throughout drupa, customers, members of the press and industry analysts were all impressed by the meticulous rendering, streaming and 3D viewing that CHILI rendro enables for any type or size PDF onto any platform that supports the HTML5 canvas.

Interest in CHILI rendro extended beyond customers and into the community of existing and potential OEM partners.

Enfocus was one of the first OEM partners for CHILI rendro, and at drupa, the company showcased the new Switch PDF Review Module that is powered by CHILI rendro.

In addition, CHILI publish also met with many leading companies who are interested in integrating CHILI rendro into their solutions. These prospective partners expressed enthusiasm for the way the JavaScript SDK (Software Development Kit) format of CHILI rendro enables tailored, scalable integration and platform independent collaboration with very little configuration.

Kevin Goeminne, concludes, “Of course we were excited to debut CHILI rendro at drupa, but nothing prepared us for the reception it received. The response to this new technology from customers and OEM partners exceeded our expectations, and we signed multiple deals for CHILI rendro at the show. We were gratified by the number of sales and potential partnerships we experienced at drupa. Most importantly, we are proud of how the CHILI rendro solution can solve business challenges for such a wide range of customers.”

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