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By using Enfocus Connect ALL to extend their automation efforts all the way to the customer’s desktop, ProGraphics created much greater consistency and efficiency throughout the entire production process. This focus on Customer Automation – combined with the entire range of Enfocus Solutions – enabled ProGraphics to improve customer satisfaction, streamline operations, automate manual processes, speed-up production time, and generate a fast and positive return on their software investment.

Fixing problem files

Based in Atlanta, ProGraphics is a full-service print provider focused on quality and customer satisfaction. Like many printers, ProGraphics has had to spend a great deal of time and resources fixing the problem files they receive from their customers.

To solve that challenge – and to streamline the way files are managed in their operation – ProGraphics adopted Enfocus Connect ALL. With Connect ALL, ProGraphics can pre-define settings for a variety of tasks including job ticketing, PDF creation, PDF preflight and correction and file delivery. All these settings are encapsulated in a custom application called a Connector, which ProGraphics can distribute to their clients, making submitting consistent files easy even for novice users.

Testing the solution

Before distributing the Connectors to their clients, ProGraphics performed extensive testing of the solution. As Dan Still, Director of Workflow Automation at ProGraphics notes, “We tested every conceivable file and file issue that you could imagine – including bleed/no bleed, RGB images that need to be converted to CMYK, spot colors that need to be converted to CMYK, and all color profiles. And every single time, Connect ALL did the job. Connect ALL fixed it!”

Client relations

Excited about the results the software could produce, ProGraphics began to introduce Connect ALL to their clients. Some clients embraced the solution, and began using the Connector the same day. Other clients were more skeptical. This presented the ProGraphics with a challenge because they knew how much time and resources they could save using the Connector. So to motivate their clients to use the Connector, ProGraphics employed new ideas to get their customers on board.

One sales person implemented a cost structure whereby clients who agree to send files via the Connector get a special discounted rate over clients that don’t use the Connector. ProGraphics paid a visit to another client to show their designers exactly how easy it was to send files via the Connector. Both of these incentives proved useful in helping to boost the adoption rate of the Connector.

The company felt that giving clients this extra level of support was well worth the effort. Because to realize the benefits of automation, there must be a level of consistency in how files are created, processed, and delivered. This consistency starts at the designer’s desktop, and is critical to the success of both the client and the printer. Both benefit from the way the Connector bridges technical hurdles, enhances communication, and provides a greater level of control to the print service provider.

One client, huge impact

An example of the power of Connect can be seen in the work the company did with their client The Network. This full service public relations and communications firm has been a client of ProGraphics for decades. Because of the volume of work this firm generates – and the fast pace at which they work – it was essential to streamline the job submission process and make it a “Win – Win.” When The Network would send files to ProGraphics, they needed to package up the file, zip it, and upload the file to FTP. The client then needed to send an email notifying ProGraphics that the file was on the way.

As Dan Still says. “It was a great deal of work for The Network to create, prepare, and send files to us. And when there was a change – as there often was – the process would need to start all over again. It was a cumbersome, time consuming process for all of us.”

Now, using the Connector, the client simply exports to the files from InDesign, views the preflight report as a proof, signs off, sends it over, and files are usually sitting at the press in four – five minutes. Moreover, last minute changes can be easily accommodated – the client just makes the changes to the file, exports it to the Connector, and sends the file with a note to disregard the previous file. This gets the file corrected and back to the printer in just minutes instead of hours.

In addition to Enfocus Connect ALL, ProGraphics also uses Enfocus Switch and PitStop Pro and PitStop Server. Used together, these products enable the company to print files in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

A fast return on investment

After just one year of using Switch, Connect ALL, PitStop Pro and PitStop Server, ProGraphics conducted a detailed analysis on the return of their investment in these solutions. The company calculated all the manual steps needed to get the job to the press. Then, they looked at the cost of processing that same job with the manual steps replaced by Enfocus Solutions.

Their report concluded that after just one year, the company was able to achieve a return on their investment in the Enfocus Solutions. As John Pope, ProGraphics President, concludes, “There is no doubt that the Enfocus Solutions have helped our company improve our operations. My team deserves a great deal of credit for bringing in the right technology and ensuring that everyone is utilizing it to its full potential. With all of that going for us, I am confident about our future growth.”


“The benefit we’ve seen in our process is tremendous. Any investment we make in helping customers use Enfocus Connect ALL pays off each time they submit a file.”

– John Pope – Owner – President, ProGraphics

“We are willing to go through hell and high water to get the client to use the Connector – it makes such a huge impact on our business, and it makes the process so much easier for our clients, giving them a faster, easier way to send files that are in the exact format they need to be,” says Dan Still.

“I estimate that Enfocus Connect ALL corrects 80% – 90% of the problems in files. The benefit we’ve seen in our process is tremendous. Any investment we make in helping customers use the software pays off each time they submit a file,” says Dan.

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