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“You have to create change before change happens to you”

Programmes that get results

Who can you turn to if your business needs to change to cope with challenging market conditions but lacks the internal expertise to do it successfully? Printfuture is recognised for delivering programmes that engage your team and give them the confidence to deliver the result your business needs.

  • Areas we cover include:
  • Technical or business assessments (e.g. selection for new investment)
  • Due diligence for merger or acquisition
  • Technical consultancy (e.g. on implementing new hardware or software)
  • Business planning or management reviews
  • Strategic market reviews (e.g. adapting to the impact of cross-channel marketing)
  • Sales and marketing (e.g. strategic reviews or sales management training)
  • Mentoring and coaching (e.g. key management issues)




ProCo is a successful high-profile commercial printer with a strong mix of litho, digital and DM. It's reputation to go beyond conventional print to meet customer needs is renowned.

Since the recession, like so many others ProCo have found things increasingly challenging with higher costs, increased competition, slower growth and reducing margins. Perhaps most challenging was a predominantly reactive management style, great for day-to-day delivery but less effective when needing to adapt ProCo to its rapidly changing markets. Finally there was a determination to develop a new generation of management but uncertainty in how to go about it.


This was a four-part process of Business Planning and Implementation.

First Discovery: a series of 1-2-1 conversations established a lengthy agenda of issues that needed to be addressed and yet were never fully resolved in the cut and thrust of day by day trading.

Second Workshops: where first the Board and then other senior team members debated all the issues raised in a structured and constructive manner. Then everyone bought into a series of prioritised change projects that carefully defined what was to be done, by whom, when, at what cost and tracked using what measures.

Third Prescription: the team wrote up the business plan including not only a summary of the analysis but also a detailed description of the changes necessary to gain fresh momentum in terms of management structure and more effective KPIs with the minimum of meetings and coordination.

Projects were agreed and embarked upon to accelerate change in all aspects of the business. Sales activities needed to be more targeted on those sectors and customers that would bring the most benefit. Technical services had to be brought centre stage to fully exploit their clear competitive edge. Production needed to evolve, change and adapt to meet the increasing demands of a digital world, with fresh talent and rigorous KPIs and more challenging targets. Limitations in the MIS and job costing needed to be resolved quickly, as all aspects of the business had to be better coordinated to enable the whole team to pull together more effectively.

Fourth Implementation: Achieving complete agreement of Board and Senior Management and communicating the findings to all staff was just the start. The hard part then came in ensuring that all those good intentions were turned into practical wins in terms of new business, more efficient production processes, and most important of all making the whole, ‘ProCo’, add up to more than the sum of its parts. 


The ProCo team has tackled a challenging list of major change projects with enthusiasm (and a healthy dose of humour!) and the results have been striking with a real sense of fresh momentum. Perhaps most striking is the way that the next generation of management has stepped up to the mark, taking on fresh responsibilities with enthusiasm and determination.


MD Mark Schofield said, “Printfuture didn’t shirk the difficult subjects, opening discussion with the board with informed opinions but letting the board argue the case and make its decision. Knowledge of the market and the direction it is going, with the tools and structure needed, is key in advising on creating a company fit for the future.”

“They had an honest but direct approach that allowed us to make decisions we had procrastinated on, giving a new level of focus to our business plan”

Jon Bailey Sales Director added, "The constructive challenges from Printfuture as well as their patient counseling in the difficult debates that followed, enabled us to draw together an ambitious business plan with the confidence that we will deliver it. Their attention to detail to ensure we had a well structured plan, the processes, and the resources to successfully implement it were critical to its success"

Business Transformation

“The enemy of change is ‘not yet’, change rarely fails because its too early, it fails because it’s too late”

For a smooth transition

Web2print, social media, advanced workflow, data analytics – the latest technical developments all have their own challenges. So instead of taking a risk, why not take advantage of our experience delivering successful implementation programmes?

Working with your team, we’ll review your business strategy then devise the most appropriate communication architecture and implementation plan to deliver a smooth transition.

We can help with everything from initial audit and assessment to strategic business planning, management re-structure and implementation. We can also provide the inspiration and creative support for business development programmes and new marketing initiatives. But the real benefit of working with us is the fact that we’ve got the experience it takes to deliver complete projects from concept to delivery – our success is based on decades of experience doing just that.


“A memorable product is like a purple cow, brown cows are boring, purple cows are remarkable, future success in the market will be about creating purple cows”

Engaging and inspiring

Whether you’re a printer or a supplier, you’ve probably attended too many training events that just go through the motions. Our training is different; it’s all about engaging and inspiring your delegates.



“Recently, IPIA members have been struggling to evolve their businesses by understanding and unlocking the potential of digital printing and cross media the questions they were asking were:

  • How can they add value to their customers?
  • What investments should they make?
  • Where should they position their business in the future?

Following an IPIA membership survey of trends in the adoption of Cross Media services run by Printfuture, we were invited to run an initial workshop for members on how they might collaborate in developing such services. This was so successful that Printfuture has been asked to run a further series of workshops in the spring of 2014 to assist members both to develop such services and to collaborate so as to offer more working together than they would be able to working alone. Printfuture will both provide specialist speakers and facilitators to achieve these objectives, working though an agenda that includes examining the variety of Cross media services themselves, the necessary market intelligence, how marketing and selling such services differs and the necessity for effective planning of such a major development.


"Through practical training content and advice on integrating digital print and cross media into their business Printfuture has provided IPIA members with the confidence, direction and tools to succeed.”

Andrew Pearce – CEO Independent Print Industries Association