Printfuture help Prokom deliver third annual conference

    The Printfuture team have played an important role in helping the Prokom community ...

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Next generation of sustainable food packaging safely printed with Xeikon dry toner digital technology Xeikon is delighted to announce its partnership with Kotkamills Oy. Visitors to this year’s Xeikon Café will have the opportunity to see the first demonstrations of the Xeikon 3500 dry toner digital press printing on Kotkamills ISLA® Duo paper cup stock. This […]

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Digital Commercial Printing at Mid-Drupa Cycle: Where are we now?

  Peter Mayhew, Senior Analyst with Lightwords Imaging comments on the status of the digital press hardware market and the vendors targeting commercial print and packaging applications. Call the last Drupa what you will but, the big takeaway was that digital was setting its sights on the Commercial Print world and nothing was going to […]

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Improving Color Across Suppliers

   “Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don’t mean.”  ~ Bob Dylan Color is an integral part of every product we see and touch, and it elicits an emotional response. So, when a product fails to meet the intended color on the shelf or in the […]

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Fogra 51 and 52 profiles do not match ISO 12647/2 2103

So is this problem? Well it could be if you are trying to print to exactly match the CMYK and white paper Lab figures from in the curent ISO 12647/2 2013 standard. The reason for the difference  is, in itself, reasonable. The white paper lab figures for the 8 ‘new’ papers in the standard, called […]

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Automation and other lessons from drupa 2016

  Inkjet drupa, digital packaging drupa, special effects drupa, B1 digital drupa, what do you want to call it? This being my first Printfuture blog since drupa 2016, I want to highlight the challenge of automation. But first I must scream as loud as possible – It was a good drupa!!!! The global print industry […]

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Connect ALL

      By using Enfocus Connect ALL to extend their automation efforts all the way to the customer’s desktop, ProGraphics created much greater consistency and efficiency throughout the entire production process. This focus on Customer Automation – combined with the entire range of Enfocus Solutions – enabled ProGraphics to improve customer satisfaction, streamline operations, […]

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Screens the starting point for colour management?

Many will remember the ‘comfort’ of reviewing transparencies on a light box, and comparing them with proofs and printed sheets in light booths. What simple, happy days. But how many transparencies or colour prints do we see these days; very few I think. Over the last 12 years, digital photography has taken over in both […]

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Book printing – in robust health

Last month I addressed a conference of German book publishing production staff. This annual event, Arbeitstagung der Herstellungsleiter, has been held for almost 30 years and with over 100 delegates meeting over 3 days, it has to be said that as an event it is in robust health itself. The reason I mention the conference […]

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